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PTL Productions: Setting a Higher Standard for The Big Screen. PTL Productions: Setting a Higher Standard for The Big Screen.
Setting a Higher Standard for The Big Screen

PTL Productions: Setting a Higher Standard for The Big Screen.

Welcome to the PTL Productions website!!
Get acquainted with us and see what we're up to these days.

Our Mission is Our Commitment:
MPG-13 Movies (Mellow PG-13)
No Foul Language
No Sex Scenes
No Gore
Just Good Plots
Triumph of Good Over Evil
Positive Portrayal of Wholesome Values

Ever seen a PG-13 rated movie, during which you have to re-check the Rating because it is so filled with offensive scenes that you almost blush? In fact, maybe you do blush! Personally, I like a good crime drama or action movie where there is some mystery along with shootouts and chase scenes, and of course where the bad guys are brought to justice. But, I don't care for the other stuff that really doesn't add anything of value to the show. And, my wife certainly doesn't like it!!

Can't a man be rugged and macho without having to sound like a drill instructor in the Marines?

Can't real love be kindled and displayed without the "lovers" jumping into bed a half hour after they've met, with nothing else in common except raging hormones and physical attraction?

Can't we use our imaginations a little after viewing a shootout without having to see all of the resulting blood and guts?

Can't we see a Christian who is truly Christ-like instead of being depicted as some weird religious fanatic who becomes the target of scorn and/or mockery?

Of course we can!! That's what we at PTL Productions are all about.

Russ Thomas
Founder & President

Here's What We've Been Doing:

Motion Picture: Beach Clean-Up
Beach Clean-Up
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NOTE: we are not accepting plots, scripts, etc from third parties at this time. Please do not send them.

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